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Ego Searches are free and simple searches designed to monitor blogs and news portals for mentions of your company, product, competitors or other specific keywords.

Google News - Conduct a search then save click the RSS icon to get the ego feed, at it to an RSS reader and you are all set.

BlogPulse - Conduct a search and then click the orange icon to monitor the feed changes.

PubSub - Create a search feed and add it to an RSS reader.

Yahoo Search News -Yahoo! News Search RSS URL Generator.

FindArticles - FindArticles routinely scans magazines and publications for keyword mentions. Conduct a search then click "RSS Alert" to obtain the url to the RSS feed. Add the feed to your reader to receive instant notification of new articles.

Technorati - Create watch lists, by entering the search term add item to the watch list and then scroll to the bottom click the blue RSS icon to obtain the url of the RSS feed that can be added to your reader.

ICErocket - Simply search Ice Rocket then click the RSS 2.0 button to obtain the url of the RSS feed that contains your search term.

BlogDigger - Conduct a search on Blogdigger and click the orange XML icon to retrieve the url of the search feed.

Feedster - Conduct a search then subscribe to the RSS feed that results. - Conduct a keyword search then grab the RSS feed, receive notification any type that item is mentioned. - To create a delicious ego feed simply construct the url like this , where the keyword is replaced by your ego word.

MSDN - Monitor Microsoft search results using ego searches. Search for the keyword and save the feed (RSS icon on the bottom).

Plazoo - Conduct a search and save the rss feed on the bottom.

Feed24 - Conduct a search and save the search results as RSS feed (icon on the bottom).

BlogLines - Search for ego phrase and subscribe to the results as an RSS feed.

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