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    Namespace Extensions

One of the benefits to RSS is that it is extendable.

Namespace Directory - Large directory and definition of RSS namespaces and extensions.

List of Namespaces - Here is a list of the RSS namespaces.

Common List of Namespaces - Google lists common rss namespaces.

Create Your Own Namespace - The RSS specification allows you to create and use your own custom elements (tags) in any RSS feed, by declaring your own namespace. Doing this is 100% in line with the RSS specification and the feed will validate.

How to Extend RSS Namespaces - Extensions for RSS and namespaces.

Extending RSS 2.0 with Namespaces - Documentation detailing how to extend RSS using namespaces.

RSS 2.0 Specification - Harvards specfication that details RSS and extensions.

Software with Namespace Support - Software with integrated support for namespaces.

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