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RSS Network - categorized and searchable RSS Directory

EveryFeed - robots browse the Internet in the search of new feeds to be added and automatically record the news contained in these flows.

FeedDirectory - syndicated feeds grouped by categories.

FeedCat - a simple public catalogue of RSS and ATOM feeds.

Feeds 4 All - Search Engine and Directory containing a large amount of web feeds.

FindRSS - FindRSS is a catalog of Real Simple Syndication (RSS), Podcasts, Atom,RDF and XML data feeds.

NewsFeed Finder - Find the news you're looking for by searching our database of XML, RSS news feeds and Blogs.

RSS Locator - easily locate topic-specific feeds.

RSSMad - online rss directory, updated frequently.

Industry Specific RSS Directories

Finance Feeds - categorized and searchable RSS Directory.

Security Protection - directory of security feeds and alerts.

Medical Feeds - health and medical RSS feeds.

Realty Feeds - directory of homes for sale.

Religious Podcasts - collection of religious and spiritual podcasts.

Automotive RSS Directory - RSS feed directory of cars and related automotive things.

College and University Feed Directory - a collection of RSS and Atom feeds from around Higher Education.

RSS4Medics - RSS medical or healthcare feeds.

SciencePort - Scientific news feeds.

Sports Feeds - categorized and searchable RSS feeds related to sports and athletics.

Government Feeds - directory of all government related RSS feeds.

Political Feeds - directory of all political RSS feeds.

Educational Feeds - directory of all educational RSS feeds.

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