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RSSFWD - Forward RSS to your email account.

MyRSSAlerts / MyBlogAlerts- They check the weblogs that you are interested in and send you an email whenever a new story appears so you don't have to keep checking weblogs to see if they have been updated.

Blog Alert - Free Email Notifications of Blog Posts.

FeedMail Now - Turns an RSS feed reader into an electronic mailbox. Users of the service can send and receive feedmail messages without the fear of spam or phishing.

MailFeed - MailFeed is a PHP script that checks a POP3, IMAP, or NNTP mailbox on demand and returns an RSS feed containing the messages in the mailbox.

NewsGator Email Edition - The Email Edition is designed to pull content from selected feeds, that you choose, into your email client.

PopHeadlines - PopHeadlines allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds and have them delivered to you through your email client. It provides a POP3 server which fetches items from RSS feeds and passes them on as normal emails.

Quickmail - A script that reads email from a mail server and outputs it in RSS format that can be displayed in a browser.

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